Welcome to Vimal Muni College of Education

Rules & Regulations

General Rules

Candidates authorized for admission to the B.Ed course in Vimal Muni College of Education, Ramgarh shall have to adhere to the following rules and regulations after seeking admission in the College in order to maintain healthy environment conducive for academic growth and development of the institution:-

  • As provided in University statutes all the students are required to attend all classes and tutorials regularly, take in-house class tests, submit assignments in time and complete satisfactorily the Practice Teaching programme comprising micro-teaching, delivery of requisite number of macro-lessons, internship, preparation of teaching aids etc. in order to earn eligibility to appear in the B.Ed. Examination conducted by the University of Jammu. Moreover they must have attended at least 75% of the total lectures delivered in case of each paper /subject separately during the session failing which they shall not be allowed to sit in the University Examination.
  • The students shall not involve themselves in any kind of political, anti-social or subversive activities during their stay in the college.
  • They shall not accept or retain any full-time / part–time job in any institution/organization as long as they are on the rolls of the College.
  • No bonafide student shall appear in any other examination of Jammu University or any other University during the period he is undergoing B.Ed training.
  • Those students who do not perform satisfactorily in class-tests /assignments are likely to be detained by the Head of institution and debarred from taking the University Examination.
  • The students in their own interest, are required to follow instructions issued from time to time by the college administration regarding maintenance of discipline, punctuality and regularity and participation in academic and co-curriculum activities of the College. The Head of the institution can impose any appropriate penalty viz imposition of fine, suspension or rustication from the College keeping in view the gravity of the offence.
  • They are advised to exhibit excellent discipline inside and outside the campus.
  • Resorting to immoral and anti-social acts like drinking, gambling, drug-addiction etc is strictly prohibited and shall entail even rustication.
  • Under no circumstances, the students shall resort to unlawful means like strikes, dharnas etc for getting their demands fulfilled. They are advised to proceed constitutionally and represent their cases /grievances through appropriate in-house committees.
  • Any student found instigating or conspiring others to adopt any unlawful course for getting their grievances redressed shall be liable for rustication/expulsion from the college.
  • Smoking is strictly prohibited in the college campus.
  • Standing in groups /loitering in the corridors is also strictly prohibited.
  • Students are advised not to sit aimlessly any where in the college campus, but to make maximum utilization of the library service during free periods and hence develop study habits among them which would surely prove a deterant for them to indulge in undesirable activities.
  • All the students shall have to wear the prescribed uniform on the days specified by the college authorities.
  • The college administration reserves the right to amend/delete any existing rule or make any addition thereto without any notice.

Hostel rules

  • The discipline is the watchword of the College and the candidate who seeks admission in the College hostel has to maintain it. If any student makes an attempt to violate the discipline, he/she will be punished by the disciplinary committee of the College.
  • It is advisable that non-local students should stay in the hostel so that they could study seriously. A form of admission in the hostel is available with the Warden which is to be filled in by the students intending to reside in the hostel. The rent charges for the hostel are fixed by the university authorities. There will be separate charges for the daily meals.
  • The following rules and regulations framed by the Management Committee are to be strictly adhered to by the hostel residents.
    a) Cleanliness of the hostel rooms and campus has to be maintained.
    b) The toilets and bathrooms shall be used fairly. Any blockade can cause trouble to the inmates.
    c) No relative of the inmates shall be allowed to stay in the hostel even for one night.
    d) No inmate shall be allowed to accommodate his or her guardian overnight without prior permission of the hostel Warden or Principal.
    e) No outside phone calls will be entertained after 9:30 p.m.except from the parents or close relations whose identity already stands recorded in the hostel register.
    f) Inmates shall seek proper permission for leaving the hostel, from the hostel Warden or Principal when they go to their homes. They will also inform the warden or Principal on phone about their safe arrival.
    g) Any kind of uncultured behaviour on the part of residents will not be tolerated and the parents will be informed about it.
    h) The meals will be served as per the following time schedule :-
    • Breakfast 8:15 a.m. to 8:45 a.m.
    • Lunch 3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
    • Evening Tea 5:30 p.m.
    • Dinner 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
  • All kinds of complaints or suggestions are welcomed and may be discussed with the warden or Principal.

Leave Rules

The students shall not avail of any leave unless they have valid and sound reason and that too with prior permission from the college authorities.

  • Leave will be sanctioned by the following authorities:
    • Leave for one day by Tutor
    • Leave for two days by Administrator
    • Leave for three or more days by Principal
    Leave for 3 or more days will be sanctioned only on the production of necessary documents such as medical certificate, entrance test / interview letter, invitation card for marriage etc., duly countersigned by the Parents / Guardians.
  • Leave must be got sanctioned in advance. However, in exceptional circumstances, the College office should be informed on telephone and leave be got sanctioned on the first day of joining the College after availing of the same.
  • The students are required to attend minimum 75% lectures in each subject/paper to become eligible to appear in University Examination.
  • The leave to be availed of shall have to be applied for in the prescribed form.
  • A student remaining absent without authorized leave for more than 15 days continuously shall be liable to be struck off the College rolls.

Loss / Damage of College Property

  • Any loss or damage to the college / hostel property will have to be made good by the student(s) concerned. In case the responsibility cannot be ascertained the whole class or group of students present shall share the loss or damage proportionately.
  • The loss or damage of the belongings of the students will remain the individual responsibility of the students. The college will not be responsible for this in any manner.
  • The sense of belongings, an essential attribute of an educated person, must permeate all of our actions and activities during our stay in the college.