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About College

Vimal Muni College of Education, Vijaypur, was established in the year 2003 under the aegis of Vimal Muni Adarsh Educational Society (Regd.) in its own building with a mission to alleviate human sufferings, eradicate illiteracy, ignorance and poverty and impart sound education with opportunities for research and development.

The main objects of the Society are as under:

  • To open institutions of higher learning where the learners could be helped and guided to develop their all - round personality to the maximum possible extent and thus make them grow strong both physically and mentally into healthy citizens of Indian nation.
  • To grant stipends, scholarships, loans and other financial assistance to the deserving students for general and professional education , vocational training and other persuits with a view to uplift the poor and the needy persons.
  • To sponsor candidates for higher education in institutions of repute at national level.
  • To take suitable measures for the development of Gandhian Values of Education such as non-violence, truthfulness, self-discipline, honesty, dignity of labour etc.
  • To cater to the needs of weaker section of the society vis-à-vis their economic and social development.
  • To impart training to workers in the field of education with special reference to the problems of women and their empowerment.
  • To conduct research and surveys as well as to provide facilities for research and surveys to identify problems related to women education and their empowerment.
  • To take remedial measures for solving the problems identified on the basis of research and surveys.
  • To provide consultancy service in the field of education with special emphasis on women education.


The College is located at Vijaypur (Distt. Samba) in its own spacious building comprising two blocks – one having three storeys and the other four storeys at a distance of 37km from Jammu city and 9km from National Highway towards the international border. It is affiliated to the University of Jammu, an ‘A’ Grade NAAC accredited University for imparting instruction in B.Ed course.


Vimal Muni College of Education visualizes Teacher Education to be an assured process of transformation of lay persons into professionally competent and committed teachers who are expected to act as trail – blazers in the lives of learners. As such college envisages that the teacher education plays a crucial role in the process of the education for development, so that it is held as a core condition to ensure highly proficient and qualitative school education and seeks to reshape the attitudes, remodel the habits and in a way reconstitute the total personality of the teacher. The college further seeks to emphasis that effective teacher education precedes effective school education.


  • Recognition of education as one of the pious obligations of the human society towards the next generation.
  • Conservation, reconstruction and transmission of human experience and social heritage.
  • Promotion of capabilities for inculcation national values and goals as enshrined in the Constitution of India.
  • Activation of prospective teachers to be agents of modernization and social change.
  • Sensitization of teachers towards the promotion of social cohesion, moral values, national integration, protection of human rights and rights of the child.
  • Empowerment of teachers to cultivate rational thinking, scientific attitude and commitment to excellence among learners.
  • Development of familiarity with national policies on education and state level initiatives for quality education.
  • Understanding of the objectives of school education in the Indian Context and awareness of the role of the school in achieving the goals of building up a democratic, secular and socialist society.
  • Motivation of teachers for undertaking action research and investigatory projects related to the Educative process.


Vimal Muni College of Education was set up by the Vimal Muni Adarsh Educational Society (Regd.) with the following objectives:-

After the completion of the pre-service teacher education course (B.Ed.) the student teacher shall be competent / able enough to:-

  • Identify and lay special attention to the acquisition of knowledge as per the needs of the learner.
  • Realize that every child differs from the other in mental abilities and physical energy.
  • Understand that real teaching is not what we do for the child but, what we can persuade him by one method or another to do for himself.
  • Possess competence to teach subjects of his specialization on the basis of accepted principles of teaching and learning in the context of school curriculum.
  • Understand the merits of different methods and techniques to make classroom teaching qualitative and learning oriented.
  • Prepare a variety of lesson plans to make classroom transaction interesting and effective according to the level of the learners.
  • Develop skills in identifying, selecting and organizing learning experiences for teaching the subjects of his specialization in formal and non-formal situation.
  • Acquire understanding of the major learning experiences conducive for bringing about behavioural changes in the cognitive, psychomotor and affective domains.
  • Practise essential skills for teaching process.
  • Develop understandings, interests, attitudes and skills which would enable him to assure all-round growth and development of the children under his care.
  • Develop communication and psychomotor skills and abilities conducive to human relations for interacting with the children in order to promote learning inside and outside the classroom.
  • Understand the importance of co-curricular activities for wholesome development of the learners with special reference to skills, attitudes and values.
  • Participate, guide and help in organizing different activities in the school for the development of such qualities as punctuality, regularity, initiation, resourcefulness and leadership; such skills as communication, organisation and management, and such values as working for a cause, working for service to the society, sacrifice for noble cause, democratic participation, secular outlook, service above all, etc.
  • Understand the importance of textbooks and other teaching-learning material for effective education and facilitation.
  • Use efficiently classical teaching-learning material like blackboard, flannel board, illustrations, textbooks, workbooks etc.
  • Understand the importance of Information and Communication Technology to weave it into transactional strategies.
  • Utilize print mass media such as newspapers, magazines etc. for updating prescribed textbook on one hand and other source books such as children’s encyclopedia and subject dictionaries for developing additional learning material on the other.
  • Understand and practice different techniques and methods for continuous and comprehensive evaluation of the child’s total development.
  • Identify the weakness of children in content and other aspects of learning to prepare remedial teaching material to make up for the deficiencies.
  • Learn various techniques and skills of management for classroom teaching, schools management and managing human relations at individual and institutional levels.
  • Understand the role of parents in the child’s learning and development and also discuss with them his/her problems to develop strategies for his/her total development.
  • Understand the importance of community for the improvement of school education and seek its maximum collaboration to realize the objectives of education.